Despite being devoted to my bed and coziness in general, I’ve never really paid attention to bedding beyond aesthetics. My naïveté led me to believe that sheets were sheets, no matter what the material. I was (obviously) very mistaken, but I didn’t realize it until I purchased a microfiber sheet set from Amazon solely based on price. Not only did they start pilling after two washes, but they also made me sweat like crazy, no matter how cold my room was. After months of uncomfortable nights, I called it quits and started doing bedding research.

That’s when I discovered the wonders of linen sheets. Surely you’ve seen the look on Instagram or Pinterest: perfectly rumpled linens that make you want to dive into bed. They’re easy—softly wrinkled is the goal!—breathable, and good at temperature regulating, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No more kicking off the covers! They get softer with time, won’t pill, and are environmentally friendly. Basically, they’re practically perfect in every way, although they aren’t exactly budget friendly. One hundred percent linen bedding is costly, but honestly, it’s so worth it. That’s why we’ve rounded up our list of the best linen sheets on the market, so you can see for yourself.

What to Consider

Linen sheets have become somewhat of a status symbol in recent years, thanks to that Insta-friendly wrinkled look and higher price point. But they’re also tricky to get right, which is why you’ll want to pay attention to the country of origin, weight, and price.

Where Does the Best Linen Come From?

Linen is cultivated from flax, most of which is grown in Europe—particularly Belgium and France. Many retailers advertise their linen as “European” (if it’s made of flax from more than one country) or from a specific region. A note, though: Belgian flax isn’t truly “Belgian linen”—in fact, only six makers in the world have that designation! To get the certification, the flax must come from Europe, and the entire production process must take place in Belgium or Western Europe. Many retailers get their flax from Europe but actually produce their products in other places (usually Portugal or China).

Linen Properties

Linen is a strong, porous material that naturally wicks away moisture and doesn’t retain heat, so it’s ideal for hot sleepers and summer bedding. It wrinkles easily, which might have once been considered a con, but now its casual, laidback look is very much coveted. The most important thing to note about linen is its weight. Good quality linen is strong and sometimes even a bit rough at first, with a heavier weight that might take getting used to. It’s incredibly durable, though, and will get softer with each wash. Many modern retailers try to speed up the aging process by pre-washing their linen bedding to make it softer right out of the box. While this may make for a softer feel, it might impact long-term quality and result in early shredding.

Linen Care

Linen is easy to care for, but there are a few rules: mainly, less is more. Use a mild detergent (you don’t need a lot), and skip the fabric softener and bleach. Hot water will harm the fibers over time, so use warm or cold water. Air drying is best, but if that’s not feasible, then tumble dry on low and pull the sheets out before they’re almost dry to avoid major wrinkling. Some wrinkles are expected, and you shouldn’t iron your linen bedding.

Why Is Linen So Expensive?

If you’ve ever done any light research on linen bedding, you definitely noticed that linen is priced much higher than its cotton counterparts. The reason has to do with the cultivation process: Flax is more laborious to harvest, and most of the world’s flax supply is centered in one specific area of Europe. To be honest, if you find a linen sheet set priced lower than $100, it’s probably too good to be true. It might last you for a short period of time, but the quality simply isn’t there, and you’ll likely deal with shredding sooner rather than later.


The main certification you’ll see on this list is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means the bedding is free of harmful synthetics and dyes. (Read more about this certification and why it’s important.)

What To Look For

We tested a wide range of linen sheets, judging them on the following criteria:

  • Feel: How do the sheets feel out of the box? Are they heavy and rough or airy and soft? Are they comfortable to sleep on?
  • Durability: Do the sheets feel thick enough to prevent shredding? Do they get softer with time and washing?
  • Availability: Can the sheets be purchased as a set or only individually? Are there options for removing the top sheet?

Note: All prices are listed for Queen size.

Best Overall Linen Sheets: Snowe Linen Sheets


Linen Sheet Set


If you haven’t heard, we’re kind of obsessed with Snowe. Newer to the scene, the brand embodies that cool and sophisticated vibe, with well made yet simple home essentials as part of their core. (We’ve previously featured their products in our guides to the best comforters, best bath towels, and best pillows.) Their linen sheets, launched last spring, did not disappoint. Made of Belgian flax, produced in Italy, and OEKO-TEX certified, they’re created with a special air-washing technology that basically achieves the softness you would get after a few dozen washes.

Snowe’s linen sheets felt most similar to Parachute’s—perhaps a tad softer thanks to that air-washing process. We were eager to try them, since the brand’s bathrobes and towels are so good, and we immediately fell in love. They’re luxurious but attainable, and not so lightweight that they’ll break apart within a year. All in all, an easy win.

Since these sheets are so new and the brand takes pride in their minimalist ethos, you won’t find a lot of color options—only three, in fact (white, ash gray, and slate blue). There’s also a linen duvet cover if you want to complete the set. Also worth noting: Snowe has a 90-day trial period, so you can be sure the high price is worth it.


  • Top sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases
  • Made of Belgian flax
  • Made in Italy
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Available in 3 colors
  • 90-night trial period

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for a perfect combination of soft and sturdy; those who want luxury quality at a more attainable price.

Good to Know: The fitted sheets are generously sized, which might be an issue if you have a thinner mattress.

Best Budget-Friendly Linen Sheets: Greyleigh Seward Linen Sheets

Hilma Linen Sheet Set

Greyleigh Hilma Linen Sheet Set


If it’s budget you’re most concerned about, the linen sheets from Wayfair’s RH-inspired Greyleigh brand are a solid choice. You won’t be getting top quality, but we were pleasantly surprised with how nice these felt. They’re soft, lightweight, and, best of all, under $160 for a Queen set.

Since they’re comparatively inexpensive, they’re a good starter option for those testing the linen waters. We appreciate the clean design, which comes in four colors and breaks up the all-white bedding look without going rogue. There isn’t a lot to write home about here: The sheets are comfy enough, soft enough, and perfectly fine.

Of course, $160 is still pretty hefty. If quality isn’t a major concern, we found a few other options that we didn’t test ourselves but recommend based on positive reviews: Eider & Ivory Beverly sheets from Wayfair (currently on sale for $125), DAPU Stonewashed sheets from Amazon (currently on sale for $129.99), and Simple & Opulence sheets from Amazon ($130.99)


  • Top sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases
  • Made in China
  • Available in three sizes

Who It’s Best For: Those sticking to a budget; those who want to try out linen sheets first before committing to a more expensive set.

Good to Know: Right now, only the white color is still available.

*Honorable Mention: West Elm’s Belgian Flax Linen sheets, which are better quality than the Greyleigh sheets but are higher-priced at $249 (although you can often get them on sale).

Best Linen Sheet Set: Primary Goods Complete Set

the complete set in french linen | primary goods – Primary

The Complete Set


We’re big fans of sleeping without a top sheet. We understand this is a controversial opinion, but we can’t stand when our top sheet gets tangled during the night, and we especially hate having to tuck it in every morning while making the bed. Primary Goods understands the struggle and changed the game with a top sheet that snaps onto the duvet cover—no more tangling, no more tucking. It’s basically like sleeping sans top sheet, without the added hassle of having to wash your duvet cover all the time.

The moral of the story is that we absolutely love these sheets and not just because they’re practical. They’re soft right out of the box, yet thick enough that we’re not worried about shredding. We went for the rosewood color, which is truly beautiful, but it’s also available in six other shades. Unlike other brands that sell a duvet cover separately, this set includes everything, making it one of the best prices available (you can also buy just the duvet cover and top sheet). Plus, you get a 100-night trial if you’re really feeling indecisive.


  • Top sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, duvet cover
  • Made of 100% long-staple French flax
  • OEKO-TEX certified; GOTS certified
  • Available in 7 colors
  • 100-night trial period

Who It’s Best For: Those who don’t like the top sheet but don’t want to wash their duvet cover every week.

Good to Know: These sheets tend to sell out fast—right now, many color/size combinations are on backorder.

Best Linen Sheets for Beginners: Parachute Linen Sheets

Linen Sheet Set


Parachute is everywhere these days, so it’s easy to think maybe all the hype isn’t worth it. But the hype is real—at least when it comes to these sheets, which are OEKO-TEX certified, made of European flax, and created in Portugal in a family-owned factory. We were thrilled to discover just how much we loved Parachute’s linen sheets. They’re a perfect entry-level set: airy and soft right out of the box, but obviously well made. The shams’ envelope enclosure design is also a nice touch. Since we’re anti-top sheet, we love that Parachute gives the option to order with a top sheet or not—and if you choose no top sheet, you save a whopping $110.

We’re also huge fans of the muted color choices. We opted for Fog, but the sheets also come in White, Grey, Bone, Blush, Shore, and Coal; the sheet set costs $279 with top sheet/$169 without. There’s also an “edged” duvet cover that feels fancier, as well as an ultra lightweight vintage bed cover. If you really want to deck out your entire bed, Parachute sells a linen bed skirt and linen body pillow cover too.


  • Fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, optional top sheet
  • Made of 100% European flax
  • Made in Portugal
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Available in 7 colors

Who It’s Best For: Those who are unsure about linen; those who want something soft straight away without sacrificing quality.

Good to Know: If you don’t love the sheets, Parachute will donate the returned items to Habitat for Humanity. And for every Venice sheet set sold, Parachute donates one bed net to the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, with the option to contribute a donation at checkout.

Best Luxury Linen Sheets: Matouk Thea Linen Sheets

Matouk - Thea Bedding Collection

Matouk Thea Linen Sheets


Matouk is the go-to for luxury bedding, and their Thea linen line is no exception. Made in Portugal, the sheets have simple embroidered dashes on the edges and are finished with a one-inch flange for a lived-in yet totally luxe look. Our tester insists she’ll never part with these sheets, describing them as a hug from a wise, stable, supportive silver fox, like Jeff Goldblum. Yes, they’re deeply expensive, but look what you’re getting: a nightly hug from Jeff Goldblum to make everything okay.

The sheets are not available as a set, so the price above is for a top sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase set purchased separately. They come in white, pool (a soft blue), silver, and anthracite (similar to charcoal). Matouk sells two other linen collections as well: Havana and Tristen—if you’re not sure which to choose, you can order free fabric swatches on Matouk’s site to decide.

Specifications:Top sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases all sold separately

  • Made of 100% stonewashed linen
  • Made in Portugal
  • Available in 4 colors

Who It’s Best For: Those looking for true luxury and an heirloom set.

Good to Know: Each piece of bedding is sold separately, so you can mix and match.

Best Substantial Feel Linen Sheets: Linoto Linen Sheets

Linen Sheet Set


There’s so much to say about Linoto, and we’re not sure where to begin. First of all, the sheets are amazing—truly some of the best we’ve ever slept on. The company is equally as amazing, too. Founded in 2007, Linoto is one of the first direct-to-consumer bedding brands and has maintained its small business ethos through the years. The company is also committed to sustainability and utilizes a zero waste program and recyclable packaging.

Aside from being a genuinely special brand, the sheets are, as we noted, amazing. They’re much heavier and thicker than competitors’ right out of the box, which means the quality is high and they’ll last for years, getting softer with each use. During our first night sleeping on these sheets, it was obvious the quality was on another level, and we felt pretty good about owning a substantial set of sheets that can be considered an heirloom. Now that we’ve slept on them for nearly one year, we can confirm they’re only getting better with age.


  • Top sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases
  • Made of 100% European flax
  • Made in Westchester County, New York
  • Available in 25 colors

Who It’s Best For: Those who want true heirloom bedding; those who have very specific size needs.

Good to Know: Linoto offers a truly vast number of options: Not only are there 25 colors available, but there are also 13 sizes, including niche options like Olympic Queen and DoubleXL, plus four pillowcase styles and four sheet styles. Linoto also sells Belgian eco linen sheets and even organic sheets, as well as linens for the bath and home.

*Honorable Mention: Rough Linen’s Smooth Linen sheets, which are incredible durable and high quality. They cost $388 for Queen.

Best Soft Feel Linen Sheets: The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Sheets

Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set | Includes Pillowcases, Top & Fitted Sheet – The Citizenry

Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set


We’ve been testing linen sheets for a while, so we thought we knew what “soft” sheets feel like—until we tried The Citizenry’s. We realized we were dealing with a different level of softness when we first made our beds with these linen sheets, and sleeping on them only confirmed it. Yes, these are truly the Softest Linen Sheets Ever, and our minds are appropriately blown.

Now, we know what you might be thinking: Doesn’t softness mean lesser quality with linen? Sometimes, yes. But these sheets manage to be both weighty and incredibly soft, and we feel confident they’ll hold up over time. We are, of course, keeping an eye on how they age, but for now we’re in cozy bliss. Another thing that’s great? The Citizenry brand. The company works directly with artisans around the globe to create handmade, high-quality goods, providing fair wages and good working environments.


  • Top sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases
  • Made of 100% French flax
  • Made in Portugal
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Available in 8 colors

Who It’s Best For: Those who want sheets that feel like they’ve been washed dozens of times; those who hate the sometimes “scratchy” feel of linen.

Good to Know: You can also purchase Bed Bundles in “palettes” that comprise more than one color.

Best Linen Blend Sheets: Kassatex Linen-Bamboo Sheet Set

Linen-Bamboo Sheet Set


I fancy myself to be somewhat of a linen snob, and therefore I have a thing against linen blends. Give me linen or nothing. Despite that hard line, I have to admit I was intrigued by Kassatex’s linen-bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets (which means they’re made of rayon from bamboo trees) are known for their cooling properties, plus bamboo is an eco-friendly material in the same vein as linen. Could the combination of the two fabrics result in a glorious, as close-to-perfect-as-you-can-get sheet?

The answer is yes. Kassatex’s sheets are absurdly soft, which, as we know, isn’t always possible with pure linen sheets. They’re basically linen sheets for the people who aren’t sold on linen sheets, replacing the initial scratchy feel with a softness that feels truly luxurious. While they aren’t as airy as 100% linen sheets, they’re still lightweight enough to be comfortable for hot sleepers, and are clearly durable enough that shredding isn’t an issue. Even better? Bamboo is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so these sheets are a fantastic option for those with sensitive skin. Honestly, I love these sheets so much.


  • Top sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases
  • Made of 60% linen, 40% rayon from bamboo
  • Made in Portugal
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Available in 4 colors

Who It’s Best For: Those who aren’t fully committed to the linen sheet life; those who want something ultra soft right away.

Good to Know: Right now through Aug. 30, AT readers get 20% off all orders with code AT20.