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Even if you don’t consider yourself a makeup guru, chances are you’ve struggled when it comes to organizing all those tubes and brushes. Instead of piling them all in a drawer or basket (as I’ve been guilty of doing in the past), using a handy makeup organizer is the best way to store cosmetics and all the assorted toiletries that come with basic self care. We’ve rounded up our favorites here, from classic acrylic styles to more creative, space-saving options, all for under $60.

Our Top Pick

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It was my pleasure to stand back this week and let the experts talk. In our video up above you’ll see that I learned a lot about what women look for in a makeup organizer. And despite many personal opinions, MOST folks here at the office chose the very simple, well-priced, non-fashion-forward Threshold Hinged Organizer as their top pick. In fact, a number of them already owned it. Personally, if I had a choice, I’d go for the glass and the gold down below, but what do I know? 🙂

Our Best Makeup Organization Posts:


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Seriously short on space? Try these MagnaPods, which will stick onto (you guessed it) any magnetic surface. Each pack contains three mini organizers in sizes to accommodate lipsticks, eyeliners, tweezers, etc. These aren’t the prettiest option, but they’re certainly practical if you have no counter space to speak of.

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A change from the classic acrylic style, this bamboo organizer will instantly elevate your bathroom’s look. It might not be big enough for diehard makeup lovers, but it’ll easily contain your everyday essentials without being an eyesore.

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Our top pick on the budget end, this classy little vanity organizer is made of glass and comes from one of our favorite affordable brands. It’s bigger than it looks too, so storing all your favorites won’t be a problem.


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This rotating organizer is a great solution if you have a lot of makeup but little space. This lazy Susan-esque organizer claims to hold at least 30 brushes and 20 bottles, and we don’t doubt it. Plus, it’s incredibly functional — all the trays are adjustable, so you can create the perfect organizer for your specific products.

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When it comes to makeup organizers, you can’t beat acrylic. This design includes a rotating mirror, convenient drawer for eyeshadow (or whatever you fancy) and plenty of compartments in all shapes and sizes. Best part: it’s priced pretty low for all the perks.

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This organizer comes in three stackable pieces to suit your style preference. We especially like the removable mesh drawer lining, which makes cleaning a breeze, and the black color option if you’re not a fan of clear acrylic. Plus, with 8 drawers and 16 compartments, you’re guaranteed lots of space no matter how you arrange the parts.


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This storage system is ideal for the ultra particular people out there. With 12 different pieces to choose from, you can truly build the organizer of your dreams, plus have the freedom to change it up as time goes on.

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Our top pick on the high end, this vanity organizer from Anthropologie isn’t exactly practical for makeup hoarders, but it is beautiful to display. There’s a decent amount of space for brushes and liners, as well as eight spots for lipsticks, but our favorite part is the small dish for your go-to jewelry.

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If you’re really looking for something heavy-duty, check out this extra-large acrylic system that comes with four stackable and interchangeable organizers. We love how minimalistic this one is despite its large size — the scoop drawers don’t have clunky handles, the material isn’t cheap (even though the price is low compared to other extra-large options), and the compartments are thoughtfully designed.

Tips for Organizing Makeup

  1. Keep everything visible. Hiding away makeup is a surefire way to forget about it or lose it. While it is tempting to keep it out of sight in the name of clutter control, storing makeup in organizers will make everything visible without looking messy.
  2. Get creative with household objects. If you don’t want to shell out money for a traditional organizer (or want to supplement one with something extra), there are many ways to DIY your own storage. Using empty candle vessels, spare tupperware, ice cube trays, spice racks and traditional utensil dividers are just some of the many household objects that can be repurposed for makeup storage.
  3. Throw a magnet on it. If you’re in desperate need of counter/drawer space, then magnets are your new best friend. Hang a magnetic board on the wall or on the side of a dresser or desk, attach small magnets onto your makeup (or a container to put the makeup in — hello again MagnaPods), and you’ve got a storage solution that won’t take up any valuable space.